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Lombard Odier

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Contractual agreements and mandate design

IFI 03. Including issues referred to in the PIIF

03.1. When agreeing contracts and designing mandates with investment managers, in the process, indicate if you consider including the following issues referred to in the PIIF:

Actively supporting retail providers to innovate and expand the range of financial services to low-income people (Principle 1)

Describe and indicate how.

We verify that the external inclusive finance fund managers we work with do select their investees according to their capacity to develop innovative products tailored to the needs of low income clients, to improve their saving habits and allow them to access capital for productive purposes. We also check that  they favor investees that expand their activities in rural and poor areas, and towards more vulnerable populations (women empowerment for instance).

Integration of client protection in investment policies and practices (Principle 2)

Describe and indicate how.

We systematically audit the social impact management of our inclusive finance partners. In that respect, we look at their capacity to select investees that follow the Client Protection Principles.

Treating investees fairly with appropriate financing needs that meets demand, clear and balanced contracts and fair processes for resolving disputes (Principle 3)

Describe and indicate how.

We ascertain that our inclusive finance partners treat their investees fairly and keep the interest of the end client in mind when resolving disputes. We believe that looking at constructive solutions is in the best interest of every counterparties.

The inclusion of ESG issues in investment policies and reporting (Principle 4)

Describe and indicate how.

We only select inclusive finance funds that integrate and monitor ESG issues.

Active promotion of transparency in all aspects (Principle 5)

Describe and indicate how.

We promote transparency and encourage our inclusive finance partners to make sure that their investees adequately disclose pricing and conditions to their end clients.

Striving for a balanced long-term social and financial risk-adjusted return that recognises the interests of clients, retail providers and investors (Principle 6)

Describe and indicate how.

We favor long term investors who manage both their social and financial returns in a sustainable way and that seek harmonized development for all of their stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders).

Collaborating to set harmonised investor standards that support the further development of inclusive finance (Principle 7)

Describe and indicate how.

We are managing a fund of funds to support the further growth of development and inclusive finance. Lombard Odier is also a founding member and member of the investor council of the Global Impact Investing Network.

03.2. Additional information. [Optional]

These considerations are part of our due diligence and appraisal when selecting external funds in our list of recommandation.