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PRI reporting framework 2017

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SAM 07.1. Appointment processes (listed equity/fixed income)

07.1. Indicate if in the majority of cases and where the structure of the product allows, your organisation does any of the following as part of the manager appointment

SAM 07.2-5. Appointment processes (listed equity/fixed income)

07.2. Provide an example per asset class of your benchmarks, objectives, incentives/controls and reporting requirements that would typically be included in your managers’ appointment.

Asset class


          We use benchmarking data from PREGIN, INREV, ANREV and NCREIF.


          See answer given in SAM 2.2

Incentives and controls

Reporting requirements

07.4. Explain which of these actions your organisation might take if any of the requirements are not met

07.5. Provide additional information relevant to your organisation's appointment processes of external managers. [OPTIONAL]

          We require external managers to complete a questionnaire stating the following:
•	The investment manager is aware of the UN Global Compact Principles
•	There have been no deliberate and repeated violations of the principles of UN Global Compact in the property management/development
•	The investment manager has not been involved in any critical violation of national laws with no attempt to remedy the violation.
•	The investment manager will not invest in properties which are principally used for manufacturing, trading, storing or other kinds of servicing of weapons violating the international arms treaties.