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PRI reporting framework 2017

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Outputs and outcomes

LEA 23. Percentage of (proxy) votes cast

23.1. 貴社やサービスプロバイダーが(代理)投票の指示を発行するマンデートを有している上場株式について、報告年度中に行った投票の割合を記載してください。


72 %


23.2. 一定の株式保有分について議決権を行使しない理由を説明して下さい:

23.3. 補足情報。[任意]

Whereas our voting on actively-managed fundamental funds is around 98%, our policy with regard to our passive/index funds (as agreed with clients) is one of only voting on companies in which we have a significant holding (current threshold EUR 1 million). This results in a lower overall total voting percentage across all listed equities owned. Market demand for passives is based largely on their low charges and thus our active ownership policy for passives is a trade-off between our understanding of what clients currently want and increasing industry demand for voting across all passive holdings. We are monitoring the situation.

LEA 24. Proportion of ballot items that were for/against/abstentions

24.1. あなたの貴社では、貴社や貴社に代わって行動するサービスプロバイダーが出した議決権行使に係る指示を追跡しているかどうか明示してください。

24.2. 貴社または貴社の代理である第3者機関が出した議決権行使に係る指示について投票の割合を記載してください。

89 %
10 %
1 %

24.3. 経営陣の提案に反対票を投じた後にあなたの貴社が取る措置について記載して下さい。

          Votes are blunt tools, which we believe are more powerfully exercised in conjunction with dialogue. We seek to engage with companies where agenda items breach our voting policy or are contentious for other reasons. Where time permits, this happens before the ballot. Outcomes can include the company amending the agenda to our satisfaction, a change in our voting decision based on new information from the company, or a vote against the item followed by further dialogue.

24.4. 補足情報。 [任意]

LEA 25. Shareholder resolutions (Private)

LEA 26. Examples of (proxy) voting activities (Private)