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LocalTapiola Asset Management Ltd

PRI reporting framework 2017

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LEI 17. Disclosure of approach to ESG incorporation

17.1. Indicate if your organisation proactively discloses information on your approach to ESG incorporation in listed equity.

17.2. Indicate if the information disclosed to the public is the same as that disclosed to clients/beneficiaries.

17.3. Indicate the information your organisation proactively discloses to clients/ beneficiaries and the public regarding your approach to ESG incorporation.

17.4. Indicate how frequently you typically report this information.

17.7. Additional information. [Optional]

We report on our responsible investments publicly on our website. We publish our RI policy and process that is updated annually. We also publish an annual RI report that covers the ESG actions taken during the latest calendar year. In addition, we publish articles, blogs and video clips on our website on regular basis. We also report to clients on a case by case basis. We discuss ESG issues regularly in client meetings. We also report our ESG score distributions on a monthly basis on all LocalTapiola direct equity funds that are based on our stock-picking model.

In 2015 we also started to calculate and report carbon footprint for LocalTapiola direct equity funds. This data is calculated and reported on a quarterly basis. The carbon intensity is published in the monthly fact sheets where as all data (efficiency, intensity and total emissions) are reported quarterly in a separate report on our website.

Our overall reputation on ESG integration is measured by an external service provider, Scandinavian Financial Research. We have received recognition as Finland's best asset manager in RI for 3 years in a row, 2013-2015.