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Strathclyde Pension Fund

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Process for engagements conducted with/on your behalf by service providers

LEA 07. Role in engagement process

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07.1. サービスプロバイダーがあなたの貴社のために実施するエンゲージメントにおいて、貴社がどのような役割を担っているのか明示してください。

07.2. サービスプロバイダーがあなたの貴社のために実施するエンゲージメントにおいて、貴社がどのような役割を担っているのか明示してください。

07.3. 補足情報。 [任意]

The Fund will require the service providers (investment managers) to support its engagement work in themes, sectors and companies identified by the engagement overlay provider. In that case the issues, objectives and the selection of the companies will provided to the service provider. Ther service providers are also expected to carry out engagements and other RI work on their own inititative.

SPF devotes significant resource to responsible investment activity. This includes: internal resource and expertise; dedicated resource within the Fund’s external investment managers; retention of Global Engagement Services (GES)

As a LAPFF member, we have an opportunity to suggest topics or companies for engagement. The Executive Committee makes the decision on whether or not to go forward with an engagement suggested by a LAPFF member. LAPFF’s progress is actively monitored and reviewed at each quarterly Business Meeting. In addition, the Executive Committee assesses the performance of LAPFF’s primary service provider annually.

As an organisation with a member on the LAPFF Executive Committee, our fund is able to participate directly in engagement meetings with companies.

LEA 08. Monitor / discuss service provider information

08.1. サービスプロバイダーが貴社に提供する以下の情報を監視、協議しているかどうかを記載してください。

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08.2. 補足情報。

The Fund receives a quarterly and annual report on progress from GES.

The Fund recieves quarterly ESG reports from its investment managers

Our fund monitors the progress of LAPFF on the topics listed above by means of the quarterly Business Meeting