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VicSuper (Delisted)

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Process for engagements conducted via collaborations

LEA 05. Process for identifying and prioritising collaborative engagement

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05.1. Indicate whether your organisation has a formal process for identifying and prioritising collaborative engagements

05.3. Additional information [Optional]

While we don't have a formalised process for identifying and prioritising collaborative engagements, Vicsuper has a number of strategic priorities that helps inform our collaboration activities.

We collaborate with our industry and thought leaders through a number of investor organisations, working groups and roundtable initiatives. These include the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Investor Group on Climate Change and the Natural Capital Declaration to name a few. A full list of the signatories and organisations we collaborate with is available on our website. During the year we also actively contributed to industry wide projects that help to drive positive change, including:

  • Investor Group on Climate Change‚Äôs climate adaptation working group: As an active member of this group we aim to help the superannuation industry better understand adaptation policy and risk exposures in the Australian context. It also aims to develop best practice guidance on how to measure and monitor adaptation risk across portfolios and identify opportunities for investment in adaptation opportunities.
  • Natural Capital Declaration disclosure and reporting working group: As chair of this working group with the Natural Capital Finance Alliance we aim to help the global finance industry collect data and report on the natural capital impacts that exist within their organisations and supply chains.
  • Pension Fund Integrated Reporting Network: Participating in this working group, which is led by the International Integrated Reporting Committee and Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees, allows us to share our leadership approach to annual reporting with other funds within our industry. The network is also working to raise awareness of the value of integrated reporting for investor decision making.

LEA 06. Objectives for engagement activities (Not Completed)