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Terra Firma Capital Partners

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Post-investment (monitoring)

PE 11. Proportion of companies monitored on their ESG performance

11.1. Indicate whether your organisation incorporates ESG issues in investment monitoring of portfolio companies.

11.2. Indicate the proportion of portfolio companies where your organisation included ESG performance in investment monitoring during the reporting year.

 (in terms of total number of portfolio companies)

11.3. Indicate ESG issues for which your organisation typically sets and monitors targets (KPIs or similar) and provide examples per issue.

ESG issues

11.4. Additional information. [Optional]

PE 12. Proportion of portfolio companies with sustainability policy

12.1. Indicate if your organisation tracks the proportion of your portfolio companies that have an ESG/sustainability-related policy (or similar guidelines).

12.2. Indicate what percentage of your portfolio companies has an ESG/sustainability policy (or similar guidelines).

(in terms of total number of portfolio companies)

12.3. Additional information. [Optional]

PE 13. Actions taken by portfolio companies to incorporate ESG issues into operations

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13.1. Indicate the types of actions taken by your portfolio companies to incorporate ESG issues into operations and what proportion of your portfolio companies have implemented these actions.

Types of actions taken by portfolio companies

Implemented by percentage of portfolio companies

(in terms of total number of portfolio companies)

Implemented by percentage of portfolio companies

(in terms of total number of portfolio companies)

Implemented by percentage of portfolio companies

(in terms of total number of portfolio companies)

Implemented by percentage of portfolio companies

13.2. Describe how your organisation contributes to the portfolio companies’ resourcing and management of ESG issues.

Terra Firma contributes to the portfolio’s management of ESG in a number of ways. Firstly, Terra Firma actively engages with executive management in matters of governance, strategy and operations. We aim to create high standards of operational excellence and encourage discussion of all material factors, whether those be financial, operational or commercial.

Terra Firma staff take seats on investee Boards and share good practices between investee businesses. All of Terra Firma's businesses fall under our standard governance and reporting framework. This requires high levels of corporate governance and transparency, which is a fundamental aspect of our highly active investment management approach.

Secondly, Terra Firma requires its portfolio businesses to report on ESG matters. Each business confirms its compliance with the firm's ESG principles annually and reports ESG metrics relevant to its operations. In addition, where ESG issues are particularly relevant these are reported on more frequently.

PE 14. Type and frequency of reports received from portfolio companies

14.1. Indicate the type and frequency of reports you request and/or receive from portfolio companies covering ESG issues.

Type of reporting 

Typical reporting frequency 

Typical reporting frequency 

          Weekly reporting to include ESG issues by exception.

Typical reporting frequency 

14.2. Additional information.

The information Terra Firma requests from portfolio businesses varies from business to business. However, in general Terra Firma asks to be informed about key operational metrics, initiatives and any ESG incidents which have taken place.

PE 15. Disclosure of ESG issues in pre-exit

15.1. Indicate whether during the reporting year your organisation disclosed information on ESG issues to potential buyers prior to exit for private equity investments.

15.2. Apart from disclosure, describe how your organisation considers ESG issues at exit.

Where performance in an ESG-related topic is relevant to understanding the performance and resilience of the business we will typically use that in marketing the business to potential buyers.

15.3. Additional information.