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Finance in Motion GmbH

PRI reporting framework 2017

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IFD 01. Mission and investment objective

01.1. Indicate if you have a distinct mission and investment objective for your investment in inclusive finance.

01.2. Describe your inclusive finance mission and investment objective.

Our mission is to promote sustainable development in emerging markets and developing countries through commercially-oriented development finance.

01.3. Additional information.

IFD 02. Governance, management structures and processes

02.1. Provide a brief description of the governance and management structures and processes you have in place for your responsible investment activities and implementation of the PIIF.

Finance in Motion's responsible investment activities are guided by a responsible investment framework developed by Finance in Motion. This framework integrates the most relevant principles and initiatives that Finance in Motion has signed: The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF) and the Smart Campaign to promote Client Protection Principles. The framework, called ESGRID, thus analyses Environment, Social, Governance (ESG), Responsible Financial Performance (R) and Impact for Development (ID). ESGRID is integrated into the investment activities of the Funds that we advise and manage and serves mainly as a screening tool for potential investees with the aim of: i) promoting responsible investment practices such as promoting the environment, responding to customer needs, and overall responsible business models and balanced returns, ii) protecting final borrowers through appropriate financial products, appropriate lending technology, pricing transparency and a responsible HR management. Besides this, all investment decisions are guided and approved by the board members of the Funds that we advise or manage, representing public and private investors. This ensures a responsible investment according to the specific development mandates of each Fund that Finance in Motion advises or manages.

Responsible investment performance is reviewed in each investment decision and, during the investment period, on a regular basis in internal rating committees. On an annual basis, investees have to report on environmental and social compliance.

IFD 03. Social targets (Private)

IFD 04. Percentage in equity, debt and guarantees (Private)

IFD 05. Percentage in microfinance and/or SME finance (Private)

IFD 06. Geographical spread of microfinance investments (Private)