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PRI reporting framework 2017

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PR 20. Disclosure of ESG information to public and clients/beneficiaries

20.1. Indicate if your organisation proactively discloses ESG information on your property investments.

20.2. Indicate if your organisation uses property specific reporting standards to disclose information related to your property investments’ ESG performance.

          GRESB for some fund

20.6. Indicate the type of ESG information that your organisation proactively discloses to your clients/beneficiaries.

20.7. Indicate your organisation’s typical frequency of disclosing ESG information to the your clients/beneficiaries.

20.8. Describe the ESG information and how your organisation proactively discloses it to your clients/beneficiaries. [Optional]

When we study the opportunity to buy a building we do a complete rating of the ESG performance (energy, greenhouse gaz, water, waste, well being, transport, pollution, accessibility....) and provides a synthetic report to the investor with the actual rating the previsional rating after implementation of an action plan and our recommandation.

Twice a year or once a year depending on the contract with the investor we report on ESG issue such as energy performance, Health and safety regulation, CO2 performance...of their portfolio.

We also have the possibility with the diffrerent websites that we created to monitor energy consumption and health and safety compliance to give an access to the investors so that they can have information available at any time.

20.9. Additional information. [Optional]