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PRI reporting framework 2017

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SAM 01. Role of investment consultants/fiduciary managers

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01.1. Indicate whether your organisation uses investment consultants and/or fiduciary managers.

01.2. Indicate how your organisation uses investment consultants in the selection, appointment and/or monitoring of external managers.

Asset class

01.3. Indicate if your organisation considers responsible investment in the selection, appointment and/or review processes for investment consultants.

01.7. Additional information [Optional].

Althought reposnsible investment has not been a criteria in the selection/appointment of investment consultants, we have used the ESG knowledge of our consultants on several occasions.

SAM 02. RI factors in selection, appointment and monitoring across asset classes

02.1. Indicate for which of the following externally managed asset classes your organisation, and/or your investment consultants, consider responsible investment factors in investment manager: (a) Selection, (b) Appointment (investment management agreements/contracts), and (c) Monitoring

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Asset classes

(a) Selection

(b) Appointment

(c) Monitoring

Listed equity

Fixed income - SSA
Fixed income - Corporate (financial)
Fixed income - Corporate (non-financial)

Private equity

02.2. Provide a brief description of how your organisation includes responsible investment considerations in your investment manager selection, appointment and monitoring processes.

In the external equity and fixed income team, we consider ESG aspects in the selection process through questions in our RFP. In addition to these explicit questions, we only choose managers who share our long investment horizon, which means their values are aligned with ours. Given the long term investment horizon of our managers, in most cases they do incorporate ESG analysis into their investment decision making. In our investment management agreements/contracts, a norm-based exclusion screen (on inhumane weapons) is applied, but other than that we do not include explicit ESG criteria.

In our monitoring process we often discuss ESG issues with our managers. In addition to these ad hoc conversations we have an annual ESG questionnaire sent to all of our external equity and FI managers.

In Private Equity we question the fund managers on ESG matters in our due diligence process. ESG is also discussed in the Limited Partner Advisory Committees annually in the majority of our funds. Many of our funds have introduced annual ESG reporting, making it more transparent to monitor the progress on ESG aspects.


02.3. Additional information. [Optional]