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APG Asset Management

PRI reporting framework 2017

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IFI 06. Disclosure of approach to RI in inclusive finance

06.1. Indicate if your organisation proactively discloses any information about your approach to responsible investment in inclusive finance.

06.2. Additional information. [Optional]

IFI 07. Contributing to promotion of RI in inclusive finance

07.1. Indicate if you contributed to the promotion of responsible investment in inclusive finance in the reporting year, beyond investment manager selection, appointment, monitoring and reporting.

07.2. Describe what actions you have taken and if these are delivered via a separate entity.

APG, actively promotes its Responsible Investment Policy in order to promote sustainability and corporate governance. We work with other asset managers and pension funds around the world to increase the impact of our Responsible Investment policy and communicate actively about these activities, including our High Sustainability Investments (HSIs), which take into account investments in inclusive finance. We are significantly increasing our investments into sustainable solutions and going forward refer to such investments as Sustainable Development Investments (SDIs). These investments must fulfil the regular risk return requirements, and they must also provide a substantial and measurable contribution to one or more of the UN SDGs. These may include investments in sustainable energy, drinking water and waste water purification, waste disposal, access to financial services, schools, and hospitals. We will therefore consider inclusive finance to be part of our HSI (SDI) portfolio.

07.3. Additional information.