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PRI reporting framework 2017

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PE 18. Disclosure of ESG information to public and clients/beneficiaries

18.1. Indicate whether your organisation proactively discloses ESG information on your private equity investments.

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18.2. Indicate whether the type of ESG information you proactively provide to the public is the same as that you provide to your clients (LPs)/beneficiaries.

18.3. Indicate the type of ESG information that your organisation proactively discloses to the public.

18.4. Indicate your organisation’s typical frequency of disclosing ESG information to the public.

18.5. Indicate the type of ESG information that your organisation proactively discloses to your clients (LPs)/beneficiaries.

18.6. Indicate your organisation’s typical frequency of disclosing ESG information to your clients (LPs)/beneficiaries.

18.7. Describe the ESG information and how your organisation proactively discloses it to the public and/or clients (LPs)/beneficiaries. [Optional]

Transparency and reporting on ESG policies and practices is of great importance to Ardian. Due to legal and confidentiality constraints, information reported to clients (LPs) it is not fully made public.

In line with its commitment to the ESG Disclosure Framework, Ardian always seeks transparency, dialogue and alignment of interests with LPs.

Certain Management Reports to Investors include a formal dedicated ESG section that describes how ESG considerations are integrated in the funds' investment and monitoring processes. Management Reports can also provide individual fact sheets integrating material ESG issues for portfolio companies and information regarding how those issues are being addressed as well as relevant KPIs.

The Head of Corporate &  Investment Responsibility provides responses to all investors' queries concerning the firm's ESG policies and practices. For the general public, Ardian publishes an annual Activity Report that systematically includes information on ESG initiatives and its website has an ESG section.


PE 19. Approach to disclosing ESG incidents

19.1. Describe your organisation’s approach to disclosing ESG incidents in private equity investments to your investor clients (LPs).

Transparency is key in the truthful relationship Ardian strives to build with it clients.

Disclosure of ESG-related incidents to clients follows the same process as disclosure of any incident that may have a material impact on funds' performance.

Teams are organised to provide value added reporting with clear, rapid and transparent information.

Attesting of their satisfaction, clients have regularly renewed their confidence and invested in Ardian's funds over the years.

Disclosure and management of all incidents occurring within portfolio companies follows a thorough and precise process. In cases of ESG-related incidents, Ardian is developing a tailored-process. As of 2017, Ardian is launching an  “ESG Reporting Incident” procedure for the Midcap Buyout investment team. Within 10 days  of an ESG incident, the investment team is required to fill out a short template describing the incident and action plan in response to the incident  and send it to the CSR team. Ardian defines ESG incidents as “any significant and unexpected incident at a portfolio company that may materially impact the reputation of the portfolio company, or Ardian  such incidents may include, but are not limited to, events that have resulted in loss of life, severe permanent injury or severe permanent damage to health, a material adverse environmental or social impact, or material breach of law relating to environmental, social or business integrity matters, including financial irregularities.