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PRI reporting framework 2017

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Outputs and outcomes

SAM 11. Percentage of externally managed assets managed by PRI signatories

11.1. Indicate approximately what percentage (+/- 5%) of your externally managed assets are managed by PRI signatories.

66 %

11.2. Describe how you ensure that best RI practice is applied to managing your assets


          The aim of the annual ESG Survey is to engage with our GPs on subjects that matter to Ardian on an annual basis. The results of this survey allow us to enter a dialogue with GPs on what can be improved and what is going well not only compared to previous years but also compared to their peers. This engagement takes place via phone calls or through the form of in person meetings.

Ardian's ultimate goal is to help GPs with the integration of ESG at all phases of their investment process over time by helping them to identify weakness in their strategy and provide them with best practices (during individualized feed back sessions at GPs request) so that they can improve their performance over time.

11.3. Additional information. [Optional]

66% refers to GPs signatories of UNPRI or/or American Investment Council in terms of portfolio NAV


SAM 12. Examples of ESG issues in selection, appointment and monitoring processes

12.1. Provide examples of how ESG issues have been addressed in the manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring process for your organisation during the reporting year.

Topic or issue
          ESG policy
Conducted by
Asset class
Scope and process

During due diligence, ESG performance of prospective GPs is assessed through an ESG questionnaire, and through meetings with companies’ CSR officers.

ESG analysis is formalized in the investment memoranda, which includes a scoring matrix, that factors all the investment parameters. ESG related criteria account for 10% of the final score.

“Through a mandatory side letter, Ardian request GPs of primary funds to conform to its CSR Charter which bans firearms and tobacco sectors from investment, two sectors it considers unethical”.

In this mandatory side letter, Ardian also require all of its portfolio GPs to contribute to its annual ESG monitoring survey, which allows teams to regularly assess their ESG policy and initiatives, both at the corporate level and throughout the investment process.


If the companies investment strategy does not respect Ardian's CSR charter (ie investments in Tobacco or Firemarms ) or if  there is no ESG policy/ position (ie not a signatory of UNPRI) these issues will be flagged in the investment memo and taken into account during the investment committee during the investment decision.

12.2. Additional information.