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World Bank Group Retirement Benefit Plans

PRI reporting framework 2017

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SAM 13. Disclosure of RI considerations

13.1. 委託運用で行っている各種投資における責任投資の留意事項に関する情報を積極的に開示しているかどうかを記載してください。


13.2. 一般公衆に開示されている情報が、顧客や受益者に開示されている情報と同じであるかどうかを記載してください。

13.3. 組織が一般公衆および顧客/受益者に積極的に開示している委託運用投資に関する情報の種類を記載してください。









          Policy documents, performance reports - available to beneficiaries through secure website. Summary overview of the Plan’s investment, ESG policies is publicly available on the web.

13.4. 補足情報。[任意]

The Plan provides beneficiaries with comprehensive information through its internal website. This platform has been expanded to cover all relevant issues and topics, ranging from governance, policy documents, actuarial valuations, Plan performance, to asset class background information and others. The website also serves as a secure portal for retirees and beneficiaries to review their personal information on an interactive basis. There is also in this system a dedicated section for responsible investments and ESG, where beneficiaries can learn about the status of implementation of the Plan’s ESG work program, the Plan’s approach to ESG integration, and download the ESG Policy statement.  There is also a repository of annual reports, which contain a detailed account of the Plan’s performance, investment strategies and asset allocation.  The information is updated regularly, and enhances the level of disclosure and transparency with the Plan’s beneficiaries and stakeholders.