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PRI reporting framework 2017

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INF 22. Disclosure of ESG information to public and clients/beneficiaries

22.1. Indicate if your organisation proactively discloses ESG information on your infrastructure investments.

22.2. Indicate if the level of ESG information you provide to the public is the same as the level you provide to your clients/beneficiaries.

22.3. Indicate the type of ESG information that your organisation proactively discloses to the public and/or your clients/beneficiaries.

22.4. Indicate your organisation’s typical frequency of disclosing ESG information to the public and/or your clients/beneficiaries.

22.5. Describe the ESG information and how your organisation proactively discloses it to the public and/or clients/beneficiaries. [Optional]

We have disclosed information about our process, including the role ESG analysis plays in the process, for other purposes such as providing an overview of our group and approach for potential partners. In addition, we disclose, on a discretionary basis, information about ESG issues related to particular investments by highlighting the ESG-related aspects of particular investments in our annual reports.

22.8. Additional information. [Optional]

INF 23. Approach to disclosing ESG incidents (Not Applicable)