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Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc.

PRI reporting framework 2017

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SG 17. Innovative features of approach to RI

17.1. Indicate whether any specific features of your approach to responsible investment are particularly innovative.

17.2. Describe any specific features of your approach to responsible investment that you believe are particularly innovative.

For more than 30 years, leaders of Catholic institutions have relied on CBIS and our Catholic Responsible Investing approach. Catholic Responsible Investing (CRI) is an innovative investment strategy designed specifically to help Catholic institutions pursue their missions by providing sound financial returns while remaining faithful to the teachings of the Church. And while the advances in the ESG space have led us to be able to more effectively measure materiality, CBIS continues to strongly believe, on behalf of our investors, that a moral/ethical framework is as valid a perspective from which to manage assets as is a materiality perspective.

CRI extends a faith-based mission to encompass the management of an investment portfolio — allowing the two to work in harmony. Too often, investments are viewed separately from the rest of the organization, solely as a means of funding activities. CRI enables an organization to express its Catholic beliefs through its investments. By targeting financial return and social return, fiduciaries can establish a broad vision for an organization’s mission and can demonstrate that all aspects of the organization can be integrated into it. We believe and have demonstrated that it’s possible to invest in accordance with Catholic beliefs and earn competitive returns. CBIS' Catholic Responsible Investing program reflects the teachings of the Church, and incorporates areas of focus from our participant investors, whose opinions are solicited during meetings and through a formal survey process. Screening and Active Ownership strategies pursue the Catholic Church's teachings of 'do no harm' and 'promote the common good'.

We constantly strive to improve the quality of our collaborations with other partners, including building international alliances of faith and non-faith investors on our priorities. We also measure the financial impact of our screening activity across our funds on an annual basis, to have clients and ourselves better understand the financial and non-financial implications and benefits of the CRI work that we do.

17.3. Additional information.