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Silk Invest Ltd.

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Gateway asset class implementation indicators

OO 10. RI activities for listed equities

10.1. Select the direct or indirect ESG incorporation activities your organisation implemented for listed equities in the reporting year.

10.2. Select the direct or indirect engagement activities your organisation implemented for listed equity in the reporting year.

10.3. Select the direct or indirect voting activities your organisation implemented for listed equity in the reporting year

OO 11. RI activities in other asset classes

11.1. Select the internally managed asset classes in which you addressed ESG incorporation into your investment decisions and/or your active ownership practices (during the reporting year).

11.3. Additional information. [Optional]

OO 12. Modules and sections required to complete

You will need to make a selection in OO 12.1 only if you have any voluntary modules that you can choose to report on.

12.1. Select from below any additional applicable modules or sections you would like to report on voluntarily. You are only required to report on asset classes that represent 10% or more of your AUM.

Core modules

RI implementation directly or via service providers

Direct - Listed Equity incorporation

Direct - Listed Equity active ownership

Direct - Fixed Income

Direct - Other asset classes with dedicated modules

Closing module

12.2. Additional information. [Optional]

The Africa Lions Equity Fund: Launched in June 2009, the Fund is a daily liquidity Luxembourg UCITS regulated fund that Invests in listed equities across the entire African continent. The Fund is a Pan-African long only equity fund that invests in only the consumer related sectors in 14 major African listed markets. Given the bottom up analysis approach we adopt, the fund has majority holdings in mid and small cap stocks, which reflects the diversified nature of the current African market. We manage similar Pan-Africa long only equity mandates in separate accounts as well. The successful African markets, as in Asia, are leading the industrialization of the region. At Silk Invest we believe that this new generation of nations will become the future lions. Our focus in these dominant markets is to invest in the stocks which will both outperform their local peers and become true leaders in their field.

The Silk Invest Frontier Strategy invests in listed equities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) and Southern Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam). The Silk Invest Frontier Strategy has a consumer focused orientation and is unconstrained (benchmark agnostic). The stocks we choose capture the upside of economic development in these countries and we strongly believe in the consumer opportunity as an attractive and long-term investment theme.