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Perennial Value Management Limited

PRI reporting framework 2017

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LEA 16. Disclosure of approach to ESG engagements

16.1. Indicate whether your organisation proactively discloses information on its engagements.

16.5. Indicate what engagement information your organisation proactively discloses to clients/beneficiaries.

Engagement information disclosed

16.6. Indicate how frequently you typically report engagements information

16.8. Additional information. [Optional]

Perennial will always discuss our issues and concerns with the company first, prior to resorting to a further course of action. In some circumstances, Perennial has engaged the press to highlight any corporate governance issues. These issues are obviously disclosed publically. Perennial has also engaged with other investment managers or substantial shareholders to gain a consensus on an issue. However, these are extreme measures and we find it more beneficial to engage the company directly to achieve a better result.

Perennial also include a section in their Trust's quarterly commentaries discussing any positive or negative ESG issues and/or significant company engagements over the quarter.