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PRI reporting framework 2017

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CM 02. To what extent has the Reporting Framework captured your implementation of the Principles.

02.1. PRI報告フレームワークが組織における原則の実施状況についてどの程度まで捕捉しているかを明示してください。


02.2. 補足情報。 [任意]

CM 03. Suggestions or comments on the Reporting and Assessment process

03.1. 報告および評価プロセスについて、ご提案またはご意見がありましたら以下にご記入ください。 [任意]

We find many formulations strange, especially in section SAM 5.2 under the Process/portfolio construction/investment valuation module  where you want us to answer if we "review and agree" - we certainly review but do not necessarely fully agree.

Besides that, we do not understund one of the statements, ie this one

"Review and agree the ESG incorporation strategy impact of ESG analysis on investment decisions" shoud it not be

Review and agree HOW the ESG incorporation strategy impact investment decisions ?

We also find that in SAM, there is a redundance of questions, i.e we feel that we have alread answered many of the questions in the first steps of the module.