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Munich Re

PRI reporting framework 2018

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SG 19. Communication

19.1. 組織が積極的に資産クラス固有の情報を開示するかどうかを示してください。クライアントや受益者や一般への開示頻度を選択し、公開情報を掲載するURLを示してください。


Do you disclose?



19.2. Additional information [Optional]

MEAG reports the result of the PRI Survey to the Munich Re board once a year. The PRI status report also includes an update on the sustainability investment process and the sustainability quota that is calculated for group investments. In addition to that MEAG reports every quarter whether there are any changes for the exclusion list of sovereign bonds. There are many ad hoc requests concerning controversial sectors. For the PRI core team (MR, Ergo and MEAG members) that meets once a quarter, asset class specific information is provided.