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AMP Capital Investors

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Basic Information

OO 01. Signatory category and services

01.1. Select the services you offer.

% of assets under management (AUM) in ranges

% of assets under management (AUM) in ranges

01.2. Additional information. [Optional]

AMP Capital is a leading diversified investment manager, managing investments across major asset classes including equities, fixed interest, infrastructure, property, diversified funds, multi-manager and multi-asset funds. We benefit from the resources and financial strength of our parent (AMP Limited or AMP), while operating autonomously with a pure investment focus.

Parent: AMP was founded in 1849 on a simple yet bold idea – that every individual should have the power and ability to control his or her life. For more than 160 years, AMP has been dedicated to making this possible. AMP’s 5,400 staff serve over 4 million clients on pension funds for individuals and businesses, income protection and life insurance, financial advice and investment, and selected banking products. AMP is Australia's largest pension provider and was listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges in 1998, now having around 795,000 shareholders as at 31 December 2016. In March 2011, AMP and AXA Asia Pacific Holdings' Australia and New Zealand businesses merged to form one business under the AMP group.

Alliances: In March 2012, AMP Capital entered into a strategic business and capital alliance with leading Japanese trust bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB). As part of the alliance, MUTB acquired a 15% minority interest in AMP Capital Holdings Limited (AMPCHL). AMP Capital holds a 15% stake in the China Life AMP Asset Management Company (CLAMP), a funds management company which offers retail and institutional investors in China access to leading investment solutions. AMP Capital is also actively involved in supporting the China LIfe Pension Company as part of the broader AMP group.


OO 02. Headquarters and operational countries

02.1. Select the location of your organisation’s headquarters.


02.2. Indicate the number of countries in which you have offices (including your headquarters).

02.3. Indicate the approximate number of staff in your organisation in full-time equivalents (FTE).

1045 FTE

02.4. Additional information. [Optional]

AMP Capital's headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, with international offices in Bahrain, China (incl. Hong Kong), India, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

OO 03. Subsidiaries that are separate PRI signatories

03.1. Indicate whether you have subsidiaries within your organisation that are also PRI signatories in their own right.

03.3. Additional information. [Optional]

The major subsidiaries of AMP Capital Holdings Limited are AMP Capital Investors Limited; AMP Capital Funds Management Limited; AMP Investment Services Pty Limited; AMP Capital Finance Ltd; AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited; and AMP Capital Investors International Holdings Ltd. These entities undertake investment management services.

OO 04. Reporting year and AUM

04.1. Indicate the year end date for your reporting year.


04.2. Indicate your total AUM at the end of your reporting year, excluding subsidiaries you have chosen not to report on.

Total AUM
trillions billions millions thousands hundreds
Assets in USD
trillions billions millions thousands hundreds

04.4. Additional information. [Optional]

OO 06. How would you like to disclose your asset class mix

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06.1. How you would like to disclose your asset class mix.

Internally managed (%)
Externally managed (%)


Listed equity 10-50% 22 10-50% 16
Fixed income 10-50% 21 <10% 4
Private equity 0 0 0 0
Property 10-50% 14 0 0
Infrastructure <10% 8 0 0
Commodities 0 0 0 0
Hedge funds 0 0 0 0
Forestry 0 0 0 0
Farmland 0 0 0 0
Inclusive finance 0 0 0 0
Cash 10-50% 10 <10% 3
Other (1), specify <10% 2 0 0
Other (2), specify 0 0 0 0

'Other (1)' specified

          Other refers to Alternative Assets and may include investments for example in absolute return funds and commodities.

06.2. Publish our asset class mix as per attached image [Optional].

06.3. Provide contextual information on your AUM asset class split. [Optional]

AUM breakdown above is reported as at 31 December 2016. Externally managed assets include those investments managed on behalf of AMP Capital by other investment managers through AMP Capital's multi-manager platform.

OO 07. Fixed income AUM breakdown

07.1. Provide to the nearest 5% the percentage breakdown of your Fixed Income AUM at the end of your reporting year, using the following categories.

Internally managed
29 SSA
65 Corporate (financial)
3 Corporate (non-financial)
3 Securitised
Total 100%
Externally managed
36 SSA
58 Corporate (financial)
2 Corporate (non-financial)
4 Securitised
Total 100%

OO 08. Segregated mandates or pooled funds

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08.1. Provide a breakdown of your organisation’s externally managed assets between segregated mandates and pooled funds.

Asset class breakdown
Segregated mandate(s)
Pooled fund(s)
[a] Listed equity
[b] Fixed income - SSA
[c] Fixed income – Corporate (financial)
[d] Fixed income – Corporate (non-financial)
[e] Fixed income – Securitised
[n] Cash
Total externally managed assets
Please ensure the entire table
(both columns combined)
totals to 100%

08.2. Additional information. [Optional]

OO 09. Breakdown of AUM by market

09.1. Indicate the breakdown of your organisation’s AUM by market.



Developed Markets



Emerging, Frontier and Other Markets


09.2. Additional information. [Optional]