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PRI reporting framework 2017

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Community engagement

PR 17. Proportion of assets engaged with on community issues

17.1. Indicate in respect of what proportion of property assets your organisation, and/or your property managers, engaged with the community on ESG issues during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of property assets)

17.2. Indicate if the following areas and activities are typically part of your, and/or your property managers’, community engagement.

17.3. Additional information.

Lendlease has a commitment for 100% of Lendlease operations will have a Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan.

Lendlease's investment management business is committed to connecting with and making a positive contribution to the local communities in which our assets are located. Community engagement undertaken by Lendlease is focused in regions and sectors where communities stand to benefit the most from its efforts e.g. shopping centres, retail precincts and associated community facilities.

Several examples include:

Barangaroo South: Lendlease believes there should be a local place that should be loved and owned by all. Lendlease aims to establish Barangaroo South as a exciting and local experienceby creating programming and placemaking initiatives that can be enjoyed by all. The asset implements tailored community offerings to ensure the precinct is well activated seven days a week, night and day. 

Community day: Lendlease's annual Community Day provides its employees the opportunity to give back to the communities in which they live and work. In line with Lendlease's global focus on sustainability, Community Day projects address social, economic and environmental issues. By matching its employees skills to a community project, Lendlease can contribute in a way that’s both meaningful and rewarding. Lendlease employees have volunteered  over 500,000 hours across many worthwhile community projects around the world, since 1996.

Tenant engagement: Initiatives and events undertaken by operations in shopping mall assets in Lendlease Investment Management Asia with themed sustainability events such as 313 Green & Gorgeous at 313@Somerset, Go Green at Parkway Parade, Green Discovery events that are focused on waste recycling initiatives and reducing food waste.

Waste recycling in Australian managed commercial and retail assets is an ongoing activity and combined with external and internal staff education and awareness with tenants on waste disposal and recycling practices, it has helped to improve waste recycling performance. Additionally, introducing organics recycling at selected commercial and retail assets has helped to also lift waste recycling performance.

Where required and appropriate, the Lendlease monitors its impact on the community through engagement with local law enforcement agencies, tracking of financial performance of our retail tenants and local competitors, the health and safety of our visitors and the provision and monitoring of important community services.