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PRI reporting framework 2017

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Property developments and major renovations

PR 14. Proportion of developments and refurbishments where ESG issues were considered

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14.1. Indicate the proportion of active property developments and major renovations where ESG issues have been considered.

(by number of active property developments and refurbishments)

14.2. Indicate if the following ESG considerations are typically implemented and monitored in your property developments and major renovations.

14.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Compliance with Lendlease's Construction and Asset Global Minimum Requirements (GMR) for safety and environment is a requirement for all Lendlease projects.

Further, a sustainability brief is always developed for major developments, retrofits and refurbishments, prepared by a collective effort of internal and external specialists.

In line with Lendlease Investment Management's objective to develop high quality green buildings with efficient operating procedures, developments and major renovations are intended to improve ESG performance of that asset's applicable Fund. Further, developments and major renovations with these attributes are also complementary in supporting Lendlease Group's sustainability framework and aspirations (including those that address minimum standards for each of the twelve sustainability elements and best-in-class) and corporate target goals.