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Montpensier Finance

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Governance and human resources

SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities


Roles present in your organisation

          Chief Operating Officer (COO)
          Methods and Operations Departments

Other description (1)

Other description (2)

          Compliance Department

07.2. For the roles for which you have RI oversight/accountability or implementation responsibilities, indicate how you execute these responsibilities.

Board members / CEO / COO decide collectively what will be Montpensier Finance’s overall orientation on its responsible investing policy.

Portfolio managers’ Committee

At Montpensier Finance, investment decisions are all made as a group in a collaborative environment. Portfolio managers’ committees therefore are the cornerstone of the implementation into our portfolio of responsible investing principles.

Montpensier Finance’s SRI approach is based on MSCI’s SRI Research. Three SRI criteria are incorporated into the investment tools : ESG Intangible Value Assessment, Impact Monitor and Business Involvement Screening. Ratings are monitored on a weekly basis and are used in the final investment decision.

While investment decisions are made at the committee level, the effective implementation of responsible investing is made by portfolio managers when passing orders.

Methods and Operations Departments

Methods and Operations Departments are responsible for maintaining all data and ratings in systems in order to perform the investment decision. They also participate in association with the portfolio managers to the review and eventual override or implementation of in-house ratings. Furthermore, they ensure all guidelines and internal thresholds are respected.

Compliance Department :

Compliance department annually checks the respect of the SRI process within the framework of the periodic control plan.

Furthermore, overall ESG portfolio situations are at least reviewed monthly during the Risk Committee.

07.3. Indicate the number of dedicated responsible investment staff your organisation has.

0 Number

07.4. Additional information. [Optional]

SRI responsabilities are spread through teams mentioned above. No employee is fully dedicated to responsible investing.

SG 08. RI in performance management, reward and/or personal development (Private)