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PRI reporting framework 2017

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LEA 01. Description of approach to engagement

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01.1. Indicate whether your organisation has a formal engagement policy.

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Universe :

The list of companies on which our portfolio managers are encouraged to focus is composed of companies with a low rating or hampered by a controversy. In practice, companies with a BB rating and below or with a “Red” controversy are targeted.

Engagement approach :

Montpensier’s teams are invited to raise any issues with companies, especially when ESG considerations seems insufficiently or inappropriately addressed.

Teams will then have a positive and constructive dialogue with the aforementioned companies. This dialogue can take the form of direct contacts with the company management as well as sending voting intentions before the annual general meeting.

The objective is both to encourage companies to set up a proactive ESG approach and to better communicate on these topics.

Follow-up :

When an engagement action is started, the issues raised are followed over time (at least 1 year) and the evolution of the issues and eventual corrective actions are evaluated. Montpensier’s teams periodically conduct reassessment of the issues raised and of the improvements noticed.

If a company fail to demonstrate any improvement or positive approach on the issues raised, actions undertaken can go as far as the partial or complete sale of the investment.

01.5. Additional information [optional]

LEA 02. Reasoning for interaction on ESG issues (Not Completed)