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North East Scotland Pension Fund

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Outputs and outcomes

SAM 11. Percentage of externally managed assets managed by PRI signatories

11.1. Indicate approximately what percentage (+/- 5%) of your externally managed assets are managed by PRI signatories.

95 %

11.2. Describe how you ensure that best RI practice is applied to managing your assets


          Through regular engagement with our Fund Managers on RI Practices.

11.3. Additional information. [Optional]

SAM 12. Examples of ESG issues in selection, appointment and monitoring processes

12.1. Provide examples of how ESG issues have been addressed in the manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring process for your organisation during the reporting year.

Topic or issue
          Working Practices
Conducted by
Asset class
Scope and process

Highlighting our concern with the Fund Manager regarding the working practices of one of our Equity Holdings and they in turn lobbied the company concerned.


The Fund Manager has been in discussion with the company regarding corporate culture and working conditions.

The company has changed its culture by introducing a new set of values and principles. Furthermore they have also put in place internal feedback mechanisms such as employee surveys and employee engagement.

12.2. Additional information.