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Eurizon Capital SGR

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Outputs and outcomes

LEA 23. Percentage of (proxy) votes cast

23.1. For listed equities where you and/or your service provider have the mandate to issue (proxy) voting instructions, indicate the percentage of votes cast during the reporting year.

Votes cast (to the nearest 1%)

3 %

Specify the basis on which this percentage is calculated

23.2. Explain your reason(s) for not voting certain holdings

23.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Eurizon Capital SGR adopts a targeted approach to corporate governance, participating at shareholder meetings of selected issuers listed on the Italian stock exchange and on other exchanges. Participation is assessed on the basis of its relevance for the interests of the managed portfolios and the possibility of having a meaningful impact on the outcome of the meeting through the voting rights held.  

The Company will however take part in the shareholder meetings of significant listed issuers, i.e. those in which the Company holds a significant share of capital or where the Company considers such a holding to be significant for the interest of the managed UCIs.

Such behaviour enables the Company to avoid a box-ticking approach, instead focusing on a selected number of investee companies, which allows for an adequate level of analysis, minimising over-reliance on proxy advisors. 

LEA 24. Proportion of ballot items that were for/against/abstentions

24.1. Indicate if you track the voting instructions that you and/or your service provider on your behalf have issued.

24.2. Of the voting instructions that you and/or third parties on your behalf issued, indicate the proportion of ballot items that were:

Voting instructions
Breakdown as percentage of votes cast
For (supporting) management recommendations
84 %
Against (opposing) management recommendations
14 %
2 %

24.3. Describe the actions you take after voting against management recommendations.

          Usually Eurizon Capital monitors the contentious issues and starts engaging with companies

24.4. Additional information. [Optional]

LEA 25. Shareholder resolutions (Private)

LEA 26. Examples of (proxy) voting activities (Private)