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Sycomore Asset Management

PRI reporting framework 2017

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LEI 01. Breakdown by passive, quantitative, fundamental and other active strategies

01.1. Provide a breakdown of your internally managed listed equities by passive, active - quantitative (quant), active - fundamental and active - other strategies.

Percentage of internally managed listed equities

0 Passive
0 Active - quantitative (quant)
100 Active - fundamental and active - other
Total 100%

01.2. Additional information. [Optional]

Sycomore AM's strategy is based on active fund management. Stock selection is the main source of alpha of Sycomore AM's investments. The sustainability of our performance relies on a rigorous and structured investment process that underpins fundamental analysis and portfolio construction.

Company analysis and valuation are processed through our database and proprietary tool SYCOVALO, which is shared by every member of the fund management team. SYCOVALO structures all stock analyses and valuation process. It incorporates:

- Quantitative data: 12 years of accounts history, 3 years of forecasts, consensus comparison, valuation ratios, profitability level and growth rates, etc.

- Qualitative data: SPICE ratings, competitive environment assessments, SWOT analyses, growth perspectives, top management quality, meeting/visits reports, etc.

Among the 1,500 stocks computed within our database, approximately 700 companies are actively followed, which means that their valuation target has been updated less than 3 months before.

LEI 02. Reporting on strategies that are <10% of actively managed listed equities (Not Applicable)