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PRI reporting framework 2017

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LEI 17. Disclosure of approach to ESG incorporation

17.1. Indicate if your organisation proactively discloses information on your approach to ESG incorporation in listed equity.

17.2. Indicate if the information disclosed to the public is the same as that disclosed to clients/beneficiaries.

17.3. Indicate the information your organisation proactively discloses to clients/ beneficiaries and the public regarding your approach to ESG incorporation.

17.4. Indicate how frequently you typically report this information.

17.7. Additional information. [Optional]

- Since March 2012, all monthly fund reports integrate a specific ESG section.

- Since January 2015, we integrate in our reporting the carbon footprint of a vast majority of our funds.

- Since January 2015, we publish three or four times a year an SRI newsletter.

- Once a year, we update our "code de transparence AFG/FIR". This report gives specific details on our integration methodology for ESG issues in our funds.

- Our ESG integration policy as well as other documents relevant to ESG integration in listed equity (environmental strategy, exclusion policy, voting policy and engagement policy) are available on our website.