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Unigestion SA

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Outputs and outcomes

LEA 11. Number of companies engaged with, intensity of engagement and effort (Private)

LEA 12. Engagement methods

12.1. Indicate which of the following your engagement involved.

12.2. Additional information. [Optional]

LEA 13. Engagements on E, S and/or G issues (Not Applicable)

LEA 14. Companies changing practices / behaviour following engagement

14.1. Indicate whether you track the number of cases during the reporting year where a company changed its practices, or made a formal commitment to do so, following your organisation’s and/or your service provider's engagement activities.

14.2. Indicate the number of companies that changed or committed to change in the reporting year following your organisation’s and/or your service provider's engagement activities.

Number of company changes or commitments to change

Individual / Internal staff engagements


Collaborative engagements


14.3. Additional information [Optional].

LEA 15. Examples of ESG engagements

15.1. Provide examples of the engagements that your organisation or your service provider carried out during the reporting year.

Topic or ESG issue
          Corporate Governance
Conducted by

Voice our concern and our rationale for voting against the appointment of a related party to the role of Statutory Auditor of a Japanese corporation.

Scope and Process

We wrote a letter to the Chairman and subsequently corresponded with their legal counsel.


It was confirmed that the business relationship between the firm and the Law Firm of the Statutory Auditor had been severed.

15.2. Additional information. [Optional]