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PRI reporting framework 2017

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PE 18. Disclosure of ESG information to public and clients/beneficiaries

18.1. Indicate whether your organisation proactively discloses ESG information on your private equity investments.

18.2. Indicate whether the type of ESG information you proactively provide to the public is the same as that you provide to your clients (LPs)/beneficiaries.

18.3. Indicate the type of ESG information that your organisation proactively discloses to the public and/or your clients (LPs)/beneficiaries.

18.4. Indicate your organisation’s typical frequency of disclosing ESG information to the public and/or your clients(LPs)/beneficiaries.

18.7. Describe the ESG information and how your organisation proactively discloses it to the public and/or clients (LPs)/beneficiaries. [Optional]

We disclose our ESG policy and our annual ESG reports, as well as reports from detailed impact case studies (conducted once a year in investee companies). 

PE 19. Approach to disclosing ESG incidents

19.1. Describe your organisation’s approach to disclosing ESG incidents in private equity investments to your investor clients (LPs).

I&P has committed to its investors to monitor and record incidents involving portfolio companies that result in loss of life or serious injury, material effect on the environment, or material breach of law, public unrest and promote appropriate corrective actions. When an incident occurs, we inform investors as soon as possible and provide them with a Serious Incident Report including a detailed description of the issue, the follow-up by I&P and the main conclusions drawn.