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Zürcher Kantonalbank

PRI reporting framework 2017

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PR 04. Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy

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Vision of responsible property management

Our vision includes a sustainable approach to the environment, as well as proper consideration of our social and economic responsibilities to the community. Optimising the sustainability potential in our property developments through responsible design initiatives along the entire life cycle, positions a property well to minimise its environmental impacts and provide long-term benefits for customers and the local community.

Our principles are:

  • Sustainability assessment of properties we buy, develop and operate
  • Extend durability and functionality of our properties
  • Minimise negative environmental impacts (CO2 emissions) and reduce the energy and water intensity
  • Engaging in an open and honest dialogue with our stakeholders
  • Our vision shall be in line with the Swiss energy strategy (Energiestrategie 2050)


Guidelines for sustainable construction and management of our buildings

We developed guidelines for sustainable construction and management of our buildings.
We plant to implement those guidelines and a comprehensive catalogue of thirteen criteria (according to "SIA Empfehlung 112/1 Nachhaltiges Bauen - Hochbau).

Those criteria essentially comprise the following fields (in German):


1.  Nutzung / Erschliessung Hohe Zugänglichkeit und Nutzbarkeit für alle

2.  Sicherheit Hohe Sicherheit für Personen und Sachwerte

3. Tageslicht Gute Belichtung mit Tageslicht

4. Raumluft Gesundes Innenraumklima

5. Strahlung Geringe Strahlenbelastung

6. Sommerlicher Wärmeschutz Guter sommerlicher Wärmeschutz

7. Lärm Geringe Belastung mit Lärm (Aussenlärm, Innenlärm)


8. Bausubstanz Hohe Wert- und Substanzbeständigkeit

9. Lebenszykluskosten Optimierte Lebenszykluskosten


10. Rohstoffe Schutz der natürlichen Rohstoffe

11. Schadstoffe Wenig Schadstoffe in den einzelnen Baumaterialien

12. Wasser Geringer Wasserverbrauch und geringe Abwassermenge

13.  SIA-Effizienzpfad Energie Geringe Treibhausgasemissionen und geringer Primärenergieverbrauch


Engergy Controlling and operating optimization of building systems

In 2016 we started with the implementation of a energy controlling system. The system will comprise a database with energy characteristics of all our around 340 buildings (CHF 7.8 Bio Assets). We strive to reduce our CO2 emission significantly until 2022 (10% reduction per year). We will optimize 19 major and 215 medium-sized properties. Those properties ar part of the following property investment vehicles: 

  • Swisscanto Anlage Stiftung
  • Swissanto Real Estate Fund IFCA
  • Swisscanto Real Estate Fund Swiss Comercial