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AAG Investment Management Pty Ltd

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Promoting responsible investment

SG 09. Collaborative organisations / initiatives

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09.1. Select the collaborative organisation and/or initiatives of which your organisation is a member or in which it participated during the reporting year, and the role you played.

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Your organisation’s role in the initiative during the reporting period (see definitions)

Provide a brief commentary on the level of your organisation’s involvement in the initiative. [Optional]

SG 10. Promoting RI independently

10.1. Indicate if your organisation promotes responsible investment, independently of collaborative initiatives.

10.3. Describe any additional actions and initiatives that your organisation has taken part in during the reporting year to promote responsible investment [Optional]

We have not specifically promoted RI through any public means, but we have sought to promote responsible investment in the Australian agricultural investments industry by our actions of acting responsibly from an ESG standpoint within our day-to-day investment management activities.

SG 11. Dialogue with public policy makers or standard setters (Private)