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BT Pension Scheme

PRI reporting framework 2016

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SAM 11. Monitoring processes (PE, PR and INF)

11.1. Indicate whether your organisation, and/or your investment consultant, in the dialogue and monitoring of your external manager, typically do any of the following:



Include responsible investment as a standard agenda item at performance review meetings

Highlight examples of good responsible investment practice by other managers

Review manager's responsible investment reporting excluding PRI
Review the manager's PRI Transparency or Assessment reports

Encourage your managers to consider joining responsible investment initiatives or organisations or participate in collaborative projects  with other investors

Include responsible investment criteria as a formal component of overall manager performance evaluation

Request information on whether your manager's approach to ESG issues has impacted financial performance
Request information on whether your manager's approach to ESG issues has impacted ESG performance

Other general aspects of your monitoring, specify

None of the above

Investment selection (pre-investment) of underlying holding


Discuss how the analysis of ESG issues affected investment decisions during the reporting period

Other ways ESG issues are incorporated in the pre-investment process, specify

None of the above

Investment monitoring (post-investment) of underlying holding


Request reports on the ESG characteristics of the manager’s underlying holdings and discuss related developments that may impact holdings in the fund

Request examples of ESG issues identified within the portfolio and action taken in response

Request details of how ESG factors were considered when preparing to exit from investments

Other ways ESG issues are monitored in the post-investment process, specify

None of the above

If you select any 'Other' option(s), specify

11.2. Provide additional information relevant to your organisation's dialogue and monitoring of external managers. [Optional]