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BT Pension Scheme

PRI reporting framework 2016

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SAM 07. Monitoring processes (LE and FI)

07.1. Indicate whether your organisation and/or your investment consultant in the dialogue and monitoring of your external manager typically do any of the following.



Corporate (financial)?
Corporate (non-financial)?
Include responsible investment as a standard agenda item at performance review meetings
Highlight examples of good responsible investment practice by other managers
Discuss if the manager has acted in accordance with your overall investment beliefs on responsible investment and ESG issues
Discuss if the manager has acted in accordance with your organisation's overall strategy on responsible investment and ESG issues
Discuss if the manager has acted in accordance with your organisation's overall policy on responsible investment and ESG issues
Review the manager's responsible investment reporting (excluding PRI)
Review the manager's PRI Transparency or Assessment reports
Review ESG characteristics of the portfolio
Review the impact of ESG issues on financial performance
Encourage your managers to consider joining responsible investment initiatives/organisations or participate in collaborative projects  with other investors
Include responsible investment criteria as a formal component of overall manager performance evaluation
Other general aspects of your monitoring, specify
None of the above

ESG incorporation


Corporate (financial)?
Corporate (non-financial)?
Request information on ESG incorporation in specific investment decisions 
Other ways you monitor ESG incorporation, specify
None of the above



Corporate (financial)?
Corporate (non-financial)?
Review the ESG information relevant to the engagements
Discuss the number of engagements and their comprehensiveness
Discuss the type of role played (i.e. leading or supporting)
Discuss the outcomes and quantifiable impact of the engagements 
Review the progress of ongoing engagements and/or outcomes of completed engagements
Other ways you monitor engagement activities, specify
None of the above

(Proxy) voting


Review the number or percentage of votes cast
Request an explanation of reasons for votes cast
Discuss whether companies were informed of the reasons for votes against management recommendations or abstentions/withheld votes
Review the number of resolutions on ESG issues filed or co-filed 
Discuss the changes in company practice (outcomes) that have been achieved from voting activities
Other ways you monitor (proxy) voting activities, specify
None of the above

If you select any 'Other' option(s), specify

07.2. Provide additional information relevant to your organisation's dialogue and monitoring of external managers.

SAM 08. Percentage of (proxy) votes cast

08.1. For the listed equities where you have given your external managers a (proxy) voting mandate, indicate the approximate percentage (+/- 5%) of votes that were cast during the reporting year.

Votes cast (to the nearest 5%)

100 %

Specify the basis on which this percentage is calculated

08.2. Additional information. [Optional]