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Full documents and guidance for the Reporting Framework can be found below. If you require further support, please contact the Reporting and Assessment team by emailing or calling +44 (0) 203 714 3187. 


Reporting Framework documents [English]

Guide to the Online Reporting Tool 

Overview and Guidance to PRI Reporting Framework

Guidance on PRI Climate Reporting (new for 2018) - for signatories reporting to the Climate indicators

Main Definitions to PRI Reporting Framework

Indirect Investor Data Collection Form (new for 2018) - for signatories collecting information from asset consultants or fiduciary managers

Share Function Process Guide - for signatories requiring an external user to enter information for specific indicators

Word limits in the 2019 Reporting Framework - a complementary document to the Reporting Framework in Word and PDF




Download the Reporting Framework (all languages)


English: Full PRI reporting Framework 2018 (PDF)

Japanese: Full PRI reporting Framework 2018 (PDF) 

Portuguese: Full PRI Reporting Framework 2018 (PDF)


1. (OO) Organisational Overview module in French (Word) 

2. (SG) Strategy & Governance module in French (Word)

2. (SG CC) Strategy & Governance climate indicators in French (Word)

3. (SAM) Selection, Appointment and Monitoring module in French (Word)

4. (LEI) Listed Equity Incorporation module in French (Word)

5. (LEA) Listed Equity Active Ownership module in French (Word)

6. (FI) Fixed Income module in French (Word)

7. (PE) Private Equity module in French (Word)

8. (PR) Property module in French (Word)

9. (INF) Infrastructure module in French (Word)

10. (IFD) Inclusive Finance Direct module in French (Word)

11. (IFI) Inclusive Finance Indirect module in French (Word)

12. (CM) Closing module in French (Word)


Reporting Framework - individual module document, Word [English]

1. (OO) Organisational Overview PRI Reporting Framework 2018

2. (SG) Strategy and Governance PRI Reporting Framework 2018

2. (SG - CC) Strategy and Governance Climate Change PRI Reporting Framework 2018

3. (SAM) Indirect Manager Selection, Appointment and Monitoring PRI Reporting Framework 2018

4. (LEI) Direct Listed Equity Incorporation PRI Reporting Framework 2018

5. (LEA) Direct Listed Equity Active Ownership PRI Reporting Framework 2018

6. (FI) Direct Fixed Income PRI Reporting Framework 2018

7. (PE) Direct Private Equity PRI Reporting Framework 2018

8. (PR) Direct Property PRI Reporting Framework 2018

9. (INF) Direct Infrastructure PRI Reporting Framework 2018

10. (IFD) Direct Inclusive Finance PRI Reporting Framework 2018

11. (IFI) Indirect Inclusive Finance PRI Reporting Framework 2018

12. (CM) Closing Module PRI Reporting Framework 2018


Data collection form used by indirect investors seeking information from their service providers or fiduciary managers on indirectly managed assets.